Prevent unplanned downtime with Predictive Maintenance

Webinar for Equipment Dealers

Friday, July 19, 2019 @
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Friday, July 19, 2019 @

Equipment Dealers usually have to watch over thousands of machines including their own rental fleet and their customers’ equipment. These machines can cost up to millions of dollars and any unplanned downtime of equipment can incur serious costs for users or owners.

Join us for our upcoming webinar and we will show you how NAXT can help predict service issues before they happen! In our upcoming webinar we will show you how Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite predicts breakdowns based on machine telemetry and maintenance history data stored in NAXT.

With NAXT Equipment Dealers can provide more competitive services by adjusting the smart date, the interval before service is required, matched to the prediction for the equipment. Instead of selling your customers canned service contracts based upon fixed service intervals, you can offer customized service contracts with durations matched to the historical and real-time data the equipment.

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