NAXT for Service Managers

Transform your dealership from a box mover to a solution provider

NAXT: Service to set you apart from your competition
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Manage Technicians in Remote Locations
Great technicians are crucial for every equipment dealer, and as the frontline of your service department, they need to be connected — even when they're in areas without Internet or phone service. With NAXT, you can schedule service routes and send information to your technicians on the field. NAXT allows technicians to complete virtually their entire day without connectivity and sync their mobile devices with servers when they are online again.
Share Service Information Via Customer Portal
Empower your customers and allow them to access, research, and control areas that are important to them. Once they access the Customer Portal, customers can research service history, request a field or shop service appointment, update their equipment fleet (both captive and competitive), and even order parts directly from your website or pass through to an OEM. Informative dashboards allow customers to review rental equipment, giving them deep insight into cost basis and equipment utilization.
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Prevent Unplanned Downtime with Predictive Maintenance
To prevent downtime, NAXT combines artificial intelligence, historical service tracking, and real-time field monitoring via equipment sensors to predict the failure of any components. Then, the Service Manager is notified to contact the customer and schedule preventative maintenance. So, you can optimize warranty and maintenance contracts, provide peace of mind and insurance against unplanned downtimes, and set yourself apart from the competition with deeper, more dedicated customer relationships.
Why do Service Managers choose NAXT?
With NAXT, you can expect service made simple. NAXT provides a seamless experience with flexibility, adaptability, and a full-service solution, from field service to business intelligence reports to help you before, during, and after every call.
Smarter, Faster Service

Smarter, Faster Service

Create custom jobs or use one of 700+ built-in processes to utilize a working service solution from day one. Track data from sales, service, rentals, and parts and use data in the Business Intelligence reports to find areas of improvement.
automatically, track, warranties

Automatically Track Warranties

With equipment tracking down to the details, NAXT will help you service, repair, and replace components under warranty with the click of a button.
field, service, made, easy

Field Service Made Easy

Field technicians can use NAXT to track timesheets, order parts, and even plan routes via integrated GPS data. Schedule repairs, send service reports, and receive signatures before syncing online with the cloud.
seize, new, business,opportunities

Seize New Business Opportunities

NAXT can utilize Microsoft Azure to find items delivered or sold to past customers. With system notification, parts clerks can recommend appropriate items for customers, and with one click, a sales order is created and ready to be invoiced.
equipment, insights

Equipment Insights

Generate periodic maintenance plans and schedule repairs within the availability of service technicians. Keep up with maintenance and deepen the customer relationship with timely service and professionalism.
manage, parts

Manage Parts

Individually track specific parts and components to prevent problems before they occur. Receive pricing data for parts automatically, and find new business opportunities to sell replacement components.

NAXT provides service technicians and department managers with the powerful tools and advanced insight needed to create a better, more profitable customer experience. 

  • Mobile application for field service technicians to track time, order parts, send service reports, and more!
  • Built-in service processes for out-of-the-box functionality
  • Direct communication with manufacturer servers for automatic warranty and claims handling
  • Create detailed maintenance plans and set automatic follow-ups for strong customer relationships
  • Find areas of improvement within your service department with Business Intelligence reports and seamless integration of dealership data
  • Make invoicing easy with digital signatures during service calls and overnight batch processing
  • Remotely monitor data from equipment in the field and sync with Vision Link to check the location, status, oil level, mileage, and more!
  • Monitor components individually and seize opportunities to sell replacement parts, additional equipment, or more comprehensive service and maintenance contracts
Our customers say
"We wanted to implement a system with a proven track record within the CAT dealer’s community. We also were keen on minimizing the uncertainties in the project. NAXT is uniquely offering over 700 predefined CAT dealer specific processes and over 130 CAT interfaces, and it was amazing to see how the system already seemed to fit our needs."
Ramnarine Persad
CEO, Massy CAT
“AX has given us the visibility into our service business that we did not have before. It has allowed us to identify new KPIs that help us to know if we are winning or losing day by day."
Tyler Simmons
Service Department Business Analyst
“With DBS we were a slave to the process, now I am driving my process.”
“Flexibility where we need it, control where we need.”
John Socol, Jill Bradshaw & Angel Lara
- Kelly Tractor Co.
“We had a need for an ERP solution to modernize our core Dealer Management Systems, streamline and standardize our processes across multiple companies and enable the Enterprise for not only future growth but also future technologies.”
Wayne Seelye
Manager of Information Services, Whayne Supply/Walker Machinery
“We were looking for a partner and solution that would help us to achieve a consistent, organization-wide view of performance, while streamlining operations and reducing operating costs, and XAPT’s solution Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Dealers provided that for us."
Rod Ford
CIO, Milton CAT
“Now we have a common platform with more progressive capabilities and more visibility into our operations and overall performance, which allows our dealership to make better, more informed decisions faster and with more confidence."
Rod Ford
CIO, Milton CAT
“We completed the analysis phase of our project one month ahead of schedule”
Sherry Magwire
Vice President IT NMC CAT
“We just concluded a presentation to our executive leadership. It was interactive and got the creative juices flowing from our leadership team as to how powerful the Dynamics AX/NAXT solution is. After the presentation I talked about how we have a great team from XAPT and they have done an outstanding job transferring the knowledge to the NMC SME’s. I just want to reiterate that to you, the team you have given us is AWESOME!!!”
Sherry Magwire
Vice President IT NMC CAT
“We’ve seen tremendous same store growth and expansion growth and there’s no way the previous system would have been able to handle the incremental transaction growth. Today we can process transactions quicker, service customers more efficiently, and I don’t even think we’ve hit our final stride in terms of efficiencies yet.”
Pat Witiw
Vice President of Information Systems of Fountain Tire
“Our ERP system runs the processes that the entire company uses every day. It’s our life blood. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 will empower our employees to be more productive while enabling us to derive the insights necessary to respond quickly in an ever-changing world of business.”
John Birch
CIO at Sime Darby Industrial
"We felt that Microsoft Dynamics AX would help us take the business to the next level, with the only constraints being our own requirements.”
John Rose
Information Services Manager of Kelly Tractor Co.
"Microsoft Dynamics AX has greatly reduced the number of vendors in the computer room. I manage a single solution, not a multitude of disconnected software tools.”
John Rose
Information Services Manager of Kelly Tractor Co.
By replacing aging software and hardware, CAT dealer Kelly Tractor Co. sought to use technology to realize its vision of a fast-growing and highly profitable business that provides outstanding value to its customers.

“Business management as a real-time activity has made us much more effective in directing the company. Any action we take is now based on current, reliable reporting through NAXT” – Nick Kelly, Dealer Principal and Owner
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