NAXT for Rental Managers

Increase utilization and manage your growing fleet in real time with NAXT

Digital transformation for equipment dealers starts at the Rental Department
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Equipment Rental is The Future
Why? The rental business is constantly growing and transforming to provide increasingly complex services. With year-over-year demand increasing worldwide, rental equipment provides flexible assets, reduced maintenance costs, and resource-efficient construction solutions at the fraction of ownership cost. Equipment dealers should be prepared for this change, because this is the future that NAXT can support.
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Get the most out of your rental equipment. NAXT can help you easily transfer equipment from new inventory to your fleet and quickly calculate rental amounts and deposits with the advanced, top-rated calculator. With NAXT, you can create rental packages for customers and easily split revenue between equipment and attachments. Use deep segmentation to sort equipment by time or financial utilization. You can also use it to create detailed reports by fleet, division, branch, make, type, model, or serial number to find the trends and equipment with the highest return on investment.
80plus, rental, processes, from, day,1
Don't reinvent the wheel. NAXT was built for rental fleet management, and we offer 80+ pre-built rental processes so you can hit the ground running. From tracking costs to optimizing rental rates, NAXT is designed for quick implementation and transparent usability. As a full-service ERP solution, NAXT rental management can help you seamlessly transfer equipment, calculate rental conversions, and track equipment in real time.
Track, the, profitability
NAXT collects cost and revenue information for each piece of equipment and integrates the data into business intelligence and financial reporting. As a comprehensive ERP solution, NAXT collects service costs and revenue to provide a holistic financial view of each piece of equipment. NAXT tracks the lifetime profitability of each piece of equipment to help you find customer solutions and increase your bottom line.
Why do Rental Managers choose NAXT?
From inventory control to depreciation calculations, NAXT helps you control equipment and costs across your fleet.
Streamlined, scheduling


With NAXT, Rental Managers can view available equipment and create shipping and receiving documents in an instant. NAXT’s remote access functionality also lets you control scheduling from a smartphone or other handheld device.
Track, and, manage, equipment


Easily and securely transfer equipment from new inventory to the rental fleet with seamless financial transactions. Rental Managers can also automatically access hour meters, location data, fuel levels, and geo-fencing data with NAXT.
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Quickly calculate cash customers’ prepaid rental amounts and deposits with our advanced, top-rated calculator. Calculate rental conversion or rental purchase option contracts at any point in time.
Effective, risk, management


An advanced pricing engine, effective oversight of incidental charges, and enhanced insurance management make NAXT the ideal tool for Rental Managers whose priority is reducing risk.
Customer, insights


NAXT’s user-friendly customer portal lets your customers view equipment, historical rental information, and even invoicing all in one place.
Friendly, interface


The user-friendly interface gives your employees the ability to quickly and easily view equipment and availability. They can easily access historical rental information and invoicing.

As the demand for rental equipment grows around the world, rental managers need access to more dynamic rental management tools. With NAXT, Rental Managers can stay on top of an ever-growing marketplace.

  • Oversee easy transfers of equipment
  • Easily limit transfer capabilities to authorized personnel
  • Quickly calculate cash customers’ prepaid rental amounts and deposits
  • Calculate rental conversion or rental purchase option contracts at any point in time
  • Gain immediate insight into your products, work tools, and attachment utilization
  • Leverage multiple depreciation methods, including revenue – based, straight line, MACRS
  • Provide customers with an engaging and user-friendly interface
  • Invoice in advance and/or in arrears


Our customers say
"We felt that Microsoft Dynamics AX would help us take the business to the next level, with the only constraints being our own requirements.”
John Rose
Information Services Manager of Kelly Tractor Co.
"Microsoft Dynamics AX has greatly reduced the number of vendors in the computer room. I manage a single solution, not a multitude of disconnected software tools.”
John Rose
Information Services Manager of Kelly Tractor Co.
“With DBS we were a slave to the process, now I am driving my process.”
“Flexibility where we need it, control where we need.”
John Socol, Jill Bradshaw & Angel Lara
- Kelly Tractor Co.
“We had a need for an ERP solution to modernize our core Dealer Management Systems, streamline and standardize our processes across multiple companies and enable the Enterprise for not only future growth but future technologies.”
Wayne Seelye
Manager of Information Services, Whayne Supply/Walker Machinery
“We were looking for a partner and solution that would help us to achieve a consistent, organization-wide view of performance, while streamlining operations and reducing operating costs, and XAPT’s solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Dealers, provided that for us."
Rod Ford
CIO, Milton CAT
“Now we have a common platform with more progressive capabilities and more visibility into our operations and overall performance, which allows our dealership to make better, more informed decisions faster and with more confidence."
Rod Ford
CIO, Milton CAT
“We completed the analysis phase of our project one month ahead of schedule.”
Sherry Magwire
Vice President IT NMC CAT
“We just concluded a presentation to our executive leadership. It was interactive and got the creative juices flowing from our leadership team as to how powerful the Dynamics AX/NAXT solution is. After the presentation I talked about how we have a great team from XAPT and they have done an outstanding job transferring the knowledge to the NMC SME’s. I just want to reiterate that to you, the team you have given us is AWESOME!!!”
Sherry Magwire
Vice President IT NMC CAT
“We’ve seen tremendous same store growth and expansion growth and there’s no way the previous system would have been able to handle the incremental transaction growth. Today we can process transactions quicker, service customers more efficiently, and I don’t even think we’ve hit our final stride in terms of efficiencies yet.”
Pat Witiw
Vice President of Information Systems of Fountain Tire
“Our ERP system runs the processes that the entire company uses every day. It’s our life blood. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 will empower our employees to be more productive while enabling us to derive the insights necessary to respond quickly in an ever-changing world of business.”
John Birch
CIO at Sime Darby Industrial
In this webinar we will show you how NAXT can help you manage your rental fleet and get the most out of it. With 80+ pre-built rental processes NAXT helps you to easily track cost, utilization, depreciation, and service to optimize your rental rate and performance.

Senior Solution Consultant Evelina Andrei will talk through the following topics showing you how to:

- Gain immediate insight into product, work tools and attachment utilization
- Support multiple rental rates with advanced pricing engine
- Easily track service history and utilization of attachments
- Make the right decision based on Rental KPIs and ROI calculations
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