NAXT for Parts Managers

Real-time inventory data from OEMs and your branches to find the right part at the right price

Increase working capital with smarter parts management and inventory control
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Smarter Inventory Control
For an average inventory holding of $4,000,000, a 2% reduction frees up $80,000 of working capital. NAXT creates a universally accessible database to ensure inventory is sourced efficiently and delivered on time. With built-in artificial intelligence, vendor integration, and preconfigured processes for Parts Managers, NAXT can check availability between all branches, suggest parts based on consumer demand, and create a list for you to order easily.
Optimize sourcing, reduce back orders
NAXT can receive real-time inventory data from OEMs to find the right part at the right price — right when your customer needs it. Seamless integration makes it easier than ever to search for parts, compare prices, find substitutions, and place orders. Compare inventory across all branches and sites to optimize sourcing, reduce back orders, increase cash flow, and respond quickly to customers.
Optimize Parts Management with interfaces
The ability to deliver parts on time is a competitive advantage for equipment dealers, and NAXT provides a streamlined interface from warehouse management to customer satisfaction. Use historical data to plan for the sale of specific parts depending on market trends, and track items by site, warehouse, pallet, location, batch, and serial number with real-time efficiency.
Why do Parts and Logistics Managers choose NAXT?
Because with NAXT, the Parts Department will be able to sell more, customers can be served faster, and inventory levels can be kept much lower than ever. Use one of over 700 specially designed processes for out-of-the-box functionality, and create custom dashboards to view crucial decision-making data at a glance.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

NAXT communicates directly with manufacturer servers to show real-time inventory levels across all dealership branches and OEMs.

Upsells and Cross-sells

NAXT provides a sales agent the ability to suggest additional purchases based on trends from similar customers. This means more revenue opportunities and less cash sitting on the shelf.

Increase Working Capital

Balance inventory and demand to increase working capital. Set yourself apart with smarter software that predicts inventory needs. Keep cash off the shelf and stay agile for new business.

Rapid Interfaces

NAXT with 206 standard interfaces ensures rapid transmission between dealers, OEM’s, and third-party providers such as automated parts warehouse control.

Prompt Service

Avoid costly delays and long waits with better inventory management. Reduce service times with optimized sourcing and faster service delivery to set your dealership above the competition.

Parts Management

Find, price, and order parts with automatic inventory tracking and one-click approvals for optimal parts availability. View suggestions for inventory levels based on previous data and market trends.

NAXT is built from the ground up to help equipment dealers manage parts, rentals, service, and sales. Here’s what a full-service ERP solution can do for you:

  • Real-time vendor integration means that customers can be reliably promised delivery dates, should inventory need to be ordered — rather than taken from stock.
  • Tighter inventory control and sophisticated mathematical reordering methods will continually improve the replenishment cycle and cash flow efficiency.
  • NAXT combines several features to easily determine sales price on equipment and parts, removing the need to manage this with external spreadsheets.
  • NAXT tightly integrates parts and service management to increase customer satisfaction, improve effectiveness, and reduce travel time for field technicians.
  • Equipment sales, rental contracts, OEM orders, and field service are updated in real time across the company, allowing for the allocation of the right inventory to the right area.
  • Monitor equipment in the field to provide real-time insight into equipment status and keep track of inventory across dealership locations for efficient ordering.
Our customers say
“Within the first week the parts counter had worked out things for themselves and were uploading excel based orders from their customers.”
John Socol, Jill Bradshaw & Angel Lara
-Kelly Tractor Co.
"Microsoft Dynamics AX has greatly reduced the number of vendors in the computer room. I manage a single solution, not a multitude of disconnected software tools.”
John Rose
Information Services Manager of Kelly Tractor Co.
“With DBS we were a slave to the process, now I am driving my process.”
“Flexibility where we need it, control where we need.”
John Socol, Jill Bradshaw & Angel Lara
- Kelly Tractor Co.
“We had a need for an ERP solution to modernize our core Dealer Management Systems, streamline and standardize our processes across multiple companies and enable the Enterprise for not only future growth but future technologies.”
Wayne Seelye
Manager of Information Services, Whayne Supply/Walker Machinery
“We were looking for a partner and solution that would help us to achieve a consistent, organization-wide view of performance, while streamlining operations and reducing operating costs, and XAPT’s solution Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Dealers provided that for us."
Rod Ford
CIO, Milton CAT
“Now we have a common platform with more progressive capabilities and more visibility into our operations and overall performance, which allows our dealership to make better, more informed decisions faster and with more confidence."
Rod Ford
CIO, Milton CAT
“We completed the analysis phase of our project one month ahead of schedule”
Sherry Magwire
Vice President IT NMC CAT
“We just concluded a presentation to our executive leadership. It was interactive and got the creative juices flowing from our leadership team as to how powerful the Dynamics AX/NAXT solution is. After the presentation I talked about how we have a great team from XAPT and they have done an outstanding job transferring the knowledge to the NMC SME’s. I just want to reiterate that to you, the team you have given us is AWESOME!!!”
Sherry Magwire
Vice President IT NMC CAT
“We’ve seen tremendous same store growth and expansion growth and there’s no way the previous system would have been able to handle the incremental transaction growth. Today we can process transactions quicker, service customers more efficiently, and I don’t even think we’ve hit our final stride in terms of efficiencies yet.”
Pat Witiw
Vice President of Information Systems of Fountain Tire
“Our ERP system runs the processes that the entire company uses every day. It’s our life blood. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 will empower our employees to be more productive while enabling us to derive the insights necessary to respond quickly in an ever-changing world of business.”
John Birch
CIO at Sime Darby Industrial
"We felt that Microsoft Dynamics AX would help us take the business to the next level, with the only constraints being our own requirements.”
John Rose
Information Services Manager of Kelly Tractor Co.
With built-in artificial intelligence, vendor integration, and preconfigured processes for Parts Managers, NAXT can check availability between all branches, suggest parts based on consumer demand, and create a list for you to order easily. Smarter parts management can enable Equipment Dealerships to optimize sourcing, reduce backorders and achieve smarter inventory control.

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