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Predictive Maintenance for Heavy Equipment Dealers

Predictive Maintenance for Heavy Equipment Dealers

  • 30. November 2016

Smart technologies are advancing so fast that it can be hard to keep up. ’Big data’ is one of today’s buzzwords, but we filled it up with meaning for our equipment dealer customers. Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence is a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite to transform your data into intelligent action. What does […]

8 examples how NAXT helps Branch Managers operate their equipment dealership

  • 19. October 2016

As a Branch Manager you have more varied responsibilities than virtually any other manager. You are responsible for the branch P&L, branch operations, branch staffing, branch maintenance, branch human resources, branch sales, branch rentals, branch parts, branch service, branch transportation, etc. Have you ever stopped and thought about how many redundant steps are required by these disparate operating systems? We have […]

Rental Manager Equipment Dealer software Solution

10 Reasons Rental Managers Should Choose NAXT

  • 20. September 2016

As a Rental Manager there’s probably nothing quite as important as igniting uncompromised efficiency. We understand that you need equipment to be rolled-in to the rental fleet with flawless execution. You need to efficiently manage contracts, track equipment, create and manage rental invoices. With so much to focus on business performance, there’s clearly a growing need […]

Optimize Equipment Utilization And Satisfy Customer Needs Efficiently

  • 15. September 2016

Many equipment dealers are challenged by maintaining the right amount of inventory and having it available at the right time. As costly as equipment can be, too much inventory can quickly eat up cash flow, yet too little can lead to unsatisfied customers. Strike the right balance by gaining business and customer insight with the […]

Digital Transformation for Equipment Dealers

XAPT to introduce Digital Transformation for Equipment Dealers

  • 21. March 2016

Miami, Florida – March 15, 2016 – Every business wants its employees to be more productive, more proactive, provide better customer service while contributing to, and increasing the sales of the organization. Imagine having a tool that can help your staff provide advice to your customers that can help them know when to perform repairs […]

CAT dealers event

CAT dealers discuss future developments to NAXT

  • 14. March 2016

During the second week of March, the Dealer Governance Group for XAPT sponsored a meeting to discuss future developments to the NAXT solution that is currently being used by many CAT dealers globally. Over 80 representatives of the CAT dealers, CAT, Microsoft and XAPT worked together over three days to design the next release of […]

H Petersen NAXT solution system

H. Petersen goes Live on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Dealers

  • 20. January 2016

South American Caterpillar Dealer, H. Petersen, Goes Live on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Dealers in Six Months Utilizing XAPT’s Rapid Implementation Product SEAL. Miami, Florida – Jan 20, 2016 — XAPT Corporation, a leading global Microsoft Dynamics provider, today announced the successful “Go-Live” of their ‘NAXT – Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Dealers’ DMS […]

Enabling your Equipment and Device business through Digital Transformation

  • 10. January 2016

XAPT’s Theater Presentation in the Microsoft Envision April 4th from 11:30am – 11:45am, at Theater 4 There are a number of disruptive technologies emerging recently, however taking advantage of them in a coherent and productive manner poses challenges for any businesses especially for the equipment and device industry. Let us introduce how XAPT can enable […]

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