The NAXT Partner Ecosystem

We are partnering with business application experts who can deliver components for NAXT, enriching it with additional value. Our Solution Partners represent the leading edge of their respective areas of expertise.

Trimble PULSE - Scheduler and Work Management

NAXT’s service management incorporates an integrated version of the Trimble PULSE scheduler and workforce management. With the Trimble solution NAXT users will be armed with field-proven technology that improves visibility into technician availability, while reducing administrative tasks being performed by dispatchers and technicians.

What do NAXT customers benefit from the solution?

With this solution, equipment dealers on NAXT can maximize technician and equipment efficiency to complete more jobs per day as well as optimize resources to ensure customer commitments are met.

  • Reduced lead time from job completion to invoice which ranged between 20 and 50 days.
  • Removed inconsistencies between the work hours paid to technicians and hours available for billing to customers.
  • Maximized technician and equipment efficiency to complete more jobs per day as well as optimize resources to ensure customer commitments are met.

Formpipe Lasernet for digitalizing business documents

FormPipe is known for its strength in the field of ECM (Enterprise Content Management), and based on our cooperation, NAXT will offer a sophisticated solution for our customers in digitalizing the stream of inbound and outbound business documents, particularly for our NAXT 365 customers.

Documents can be distributed and archived in any format (e-mail, fax, PDF, PDF/A, EDI, XML) and desired layout, as required by each individual customer.

What do NAXT customers benefit from the solution?

  • Its intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities ensure that layout for print or electronic distribution is simple and accurate.
  • Users will be able to quickly create, modify, control, disseminate and archive branded documentation across an entire organization.
  • Lasernet creates perfectly arranged, bespoke layouts for print and electronic distribution and promotes easier maintenance of a company’s visual identity.

Record360 - Digital Documentation & Asset Condition Management

By leveraging new trends in mobile apps, digital documentation and the near ubiquity of mobile devices, Record360 lets customers do away with paper documentation forms, streamline their condition review process and boost the customer service experience.
Record360 in NAXT allows high-resolution documentation when checking customers in and out of the service drive to remove all doubt over who caused damage. This can lead to a recouped 60% of damage expenses.

What do NAXT customers benefit from the solution?

  • Instantly decrease unbillable damage expenses by photo and video documentation for clear-cut vehicle condition reviews
  • Collect best-in-class condition records of those assets to decrease damage disputes and costs
  • Improved documentation means less time spent with insurance claims adjusters while recouping more damage expenses
  • Create a more efficient, effective process for preparing your equipment for the secondary market

Modern - 2-Way Text Messaging For Service Departments

Modern is the #1 solution for dealership customer communication & text messaging for equipment service, field service & rental. Modern offers a proactive way to update equipment dealers’ customers on service estimates, share pictures, receive signed approvals without making a single phone call.

What do NAXT customers benefit from the solution?

  • Reduce calls to your service department – Within the 1st month our customers see a significant reduction (32%) in phone calls
  • Faster repair approvals – 90% of the messages are read within the first 3 minutes of receipt
  • Customers prefer text messages – 75% of your customers prefer text message updates vs. phone calls

CenPOS - Online Payment System

CenPOS for NAXT delivers a comprehensive payment processing solution that reduces the overall cost of acceptance by managing interchange costs and driving operational efficiencies across channels.

What do NAXT customers benefit from the solution?

  • Express Mobile Checkout: Speed the buying process by allowing customers to receive and pay invoices on mobile devices, over text, and by email.
  • Mobile Service: Meet customers’ purchasing needs with an Apple-like experience that allows you to engage with them wherever and whenever it best suits their needs.
  • Accept Chip-Cards: Promote the consumer use of chip cards (EMV) to move counterfeit liability away from your equipment rental company and place the fraud burden squarely on the financial institution.
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