Parts & Supply Chain Management

Connects sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production, and warehouse management.

Manufacturer Interfaces

  • Interface parts availability (OEM and dealer share)
  • Parts ordering
  • Parts lookup
  • Parts pricing
  • Parts replacements & substitutions
  • Surplus returns
  • Parts marketing programs
  • Core management
  • Parts warranty

Inventory Management

  • Track items by inventory dimensions including site, warehouse, pallet, location, batch, and
    serial number
    Undertake Poisson planning through unlimited Poisson tables
  • Incorporates multiple inventory control systems and valuation methods including FIFO /
    LIFO / Standard cost, moving, and weighted average
  • Reduce inventory costs and eliminate waste using ABC-analysis
  • Pull inventory in optimal sequence using “best-before” management and first expired/
    first out (FEFO) or first in/first out (FIFO) picking guidance
  • Undertake cycle counting; setting parameters as required

Advanced Warehouse Management

  • Undertake Warehouse Management with fully RF Wireless operations
  • Set activities (pick and put) by priority; time of day, customer waiting at counter

Back Order Management

  • View back order availability by location and name rather than code number
  • Auto back order release based upon security profiles

Core Management

  • Sell remaining product and return used within the same document
  • Easily track core inspection information; temporary storage location, return pallet assigned
  • Return information and final credit to OEM

Multisite Warehouse Management

  • Manage storage locations and material handling within multiple warehouses
  • Apply advanced inbound algorithms using multiple warehouse zones and replenishment
  • Automatically create branch transfers; individually set branch transfer priorities
  • Optimise picking with a choice of picking methods
  • Track inventory ‘on hand’ per warehouse

Shipping Carrier Interface

  • Automatically transfer information received from shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS, and Kewill), including freight charges and tracking numbers, to Microsoft Dynamics AX

Quality Management

  • Improve business processes for quality assurance, quality control, and lot traceability
  • Manage the test process
  • Set aside items in quarantine using quarantine orders

Product Management of Goods and Services

  • Centralise management of products and services across the organisation including BOM
    and process formulae

Hydraulic Hose Management

  • Automatically relieves stock of hose competent inventory
  • Replenish inventory with finish hose
  • Capture labour to assemble hose

Returns Management

  • Manage the return order process
  • Control who can return items, and which items can be returned
  • Categorise returns according to reason code or method of disposition

Master Planning including Order Promising

  • Forecast delivery dates using operations or bottleneck scheduling. Calculate
    available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP). Plan across multiple sites.


  • Enter and edit sales and purchase forecasts
  • Use specific keys to allocate forecast to individual items and time periods


  • Automate trade between subsidiaries or distribution centres
  • Sales and purchase orders can be generated manually or automatically across subsidiaries
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