Get more from your infrastructure with a dynamic, full-stack, cloud-based ERP solution

Manage your entire dealership with a single and integrated solution
Next - Level Cloud Infrastructure
NAXT operates on cloud infrastructure. That means faster development, lower costs, direct support, and powerful scaling. Built on Microsoft's Dynamics 365, NAXT can simplify your release cycles and stay on top of security. With built-in data recovery and sandboxed privileges, NAXT is the strong, stable, and secure backbone of dealerships around the world.
Ensure Continuous Operation
NAXT provides system-wide management and maintenance with Microsoft Dynamics. Simplify your software architecture, increase data security, and reduce training costs with a uniform, up-to-date release system. Easily transform ERP information into Powerful Business Intelligence reports to monitor the health of your dealership, identify problem areas, and take a proactive approach to problem solving. As a full-stack solution, NAXT integrates powerful ERP tools into a familiar user interface, and it's backed with world-class support by XAPT.
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Stay Ahead of the Curve
Technology is always changing, and NAXT is built on Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform for mobility. As Microsoft develops features in its technology, NAXT can help you use them to stay ahead of the competition. As leaders and visionaries with technical expertise, CIOs engineer IT infrastructure platform, create company culture through information sharing, and lead with a forward-thinking mindset focused on productivity and business development.
Why do CIOs choose NAXT?
CIOs need to be flexible, and NAXT is built in the cloud for rapid feature development, reduced software architecture, hardened system security, and continuous uptime.
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Bridge the gap between departments, physical locations, management teams, and field employees. Access crucial dealership information from a single point, and send important updates to all parties.

Disaster Recovery

Duplicate data storage and Azure Recovery Services reduce the risk of data loss or downtime — which means your dealership can devote more time to service and sales.


Real-time reporting allows CIOs to analyze data with up-to-the-minute statistics and system-wide dashboards for personnel. Respond to events immediately and communicate with personnel in real time.
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Rapid Implementation

Get faster insights for inventory on hand and outside of the company. Utilize preconfigured processes and dashboards for reduced implementation costs and rapid deployment.

Reduce Software Architecture

Keep all of your enterprise resource planning in the cloud — including financial management, CRM, business intelligence, process automation, and more!


Microsoft Dynamic Lifecycle Services will keep your data secure with automatic updates and world-class network security.

NAXT is a full-featured ERP solution designed for construction equipment dealers from the ground up.

  • One solid infrastructure provides top-down databases to eliminate the time and stress of reinventing reports.
  • Data protection with duplication and synchronization to prevent service disruptions and easily implement new features and updates without risk.
  • EDI integration minimizes time-consuming, error-prone manual processes for transactions and reduces demands on IT architectures.
  • Powerful Business Intelligence (BI) functionality enables CIOs to make management decisions with a cloud-based solution — with all the benefits of real-time reporting and up-to-the-minute statistics.
  • NAXT is delivered under a user subscription license (SL) model that allows employees to access data and reports from virtually any location.
  • Rapid deployment reduces starting and training costs and makes implementation seamless and intuitive for dealerships of all sizes.
  • NAXT is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for seamless Office 365 integration with Outlook, Excel, and more!
Our customers say
"We felt that Microsoft Dynamics AX would help us take the business to the next level, with the only constraints being our own requirements.”
John Rose
Information Services Manager of Kelly Tractor Co.
"Microsoft Dynamics AX has greatly reduced the number of vendors in the computer room. I manage a single solution, not a multitude of disconnected software tools.”
John Rose
Information Services Manager of Kelly Tractor Co.
“With DBS we were a slave to the process, now I am driving my process.”
“Flexibility where we need it, control where we need.”
John Socol, Jill Bradshaw & Angel Lara
- Kelly Tractor Co.
“We had a need for an ERP solution to modernize our core Dealer Management Systems, streamline and standardize our processes across multiple companies and enable the Enterprise for not only future growth but future technologies.”
Wayne Seelye
Manager of Information Services, Whayne Supply/Walker Machinery
“We were looking for a partner and solution that would help us to achieve a consistent, organization-wide view of performance, while streamlining operations and reducing operating costs, and XAPT’s solution Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Dealers provided that for us."
Rod Ford
CIO, Milton CAT
“Now we have a common platform with more progressive capabilities and more visibility into our operations and overall performance, which allows our dealership to make better, more informed decisions faster and with more confidence."
Rod Ford
CIO, Milton CAT
“We completed the analysis phase of our project one month ahead of schedule”
Sherry Magwire
Vice President IT NMC CAT
“We just concluded a presentation to our executive leadership. It was interactive and got the creative juices flowing from our leadership team as to how powerful the Dynamics AX/NAXT solution is. After the presentation I talked about how we have a great team from XAPT and they have done an outstanding job transferring the knowledge to the NMC SME’s. I just want to reiterate that to you, the team you have given us is AWESOME!!!”
Sherry Magwire
Vice President IT NMC CAT
“We’ve seen tremendous same store growth and expansion growth and there’s no way the previous system would have been able to handle the incremental transaction growth. Today we can process transactions quicker, service customers more efficiently, and I don’t even think we’ve hit our final stride in terms of efficiencies yet.”
Pat Witiw
Vice President of Information Systems of Fountain Tire
“Our ERP system runs the processes that the entire company uses every day. It’s our life blood. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 will empower our employees to be more productive while enabling us to derive the insights necessary to respond quickly in an ever-changing world of business.”
John Birch
CIO at Sime Darby Industrial
Equipment Dealers usually have to watch over thousands of machines including their own rental fleet and their customers’ equipment. These machines can cost up to millions of dollars and any unplanned downtime of equipment can incur serious costs for users or owners.

In this webinar we will show you how NAXT can help predict service issues before they happen. You can learn how Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite predicts breakdowns based on machine telemetry and maintenance history data stored in NAXT.

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