Position your equipment dealership for growth by reducing costs, complexity and risks

Gain control of risks and regulations that undermine strategic choices
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Strategic Finance
NAXT is more than a software. It's a powerful suite of tools that can help you balance strategic planning with financial accountability. Easily close periods, post transactions, and streamline invoicing for vendors and partners. Generate financial reports in real time to optimize working capital in the present - and provide better planning for the future.
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Better Reporting and Forecasting
NAXT real-time reporting gives you the power and flexibility to improve decision making with better data. Automatically track rental performance for each piece of equipment -- or even entire fleets. Maximize labor efficiency with a complete picture of service revenue and market share. With NAXT, you can streamline the procurement of goods and services and establish a centralized buyer capability across your dealership.
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Clearly Communicate Financial Objectives
From operational costs to employee benefits, NAXT provides you with clear data to manage assets, liabilities, and risk. We understand the value of transparency for shareholders and regulatory agencies. Clarity is paramount for compliance, and NAXT provides the real-world financial metrics to communicate with employees, investors, and executive teams. Anchor leadership initiatives with solid financial data to communicate the value and integrity of your dealership.
Why CFOs choose NAXT for their dealerships?
Because NAXT provides information on gross and net profit, the average margins on similar types of jobs, annual sales volume, etc. Based on real-time, accurate data.
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Manage Corporate Complexity

Register financial transactions, manage parent and subsidiary relationships. Conduct business in multiple currencies and work internationally.
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Cross-functional performance tracking

Report cost basis, utilization information, parts depreciation, preventive maintenance and service costs to optimize your rental rate and track performance.
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Customer Profitability Management

Manage, track, monitor and value equipment sales, service, rental and repair to determine your share of the customer’s wallet.
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Automatically controll your WIP

Gain global visibility to all WIP and contract transactions; drastically reduce WIP and increase billing/claim accuracy. Transparently account for work in progress on your P/L statements.
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Automate financial processes

Automatically track all cost information for each piece of equipment such as import duties, deductible trade discounts and rebates - (which means real book value). Automatically import, register, and post vendor invoices.
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Manage Your Fleet

Gain instant insight into fleet utilization, and effortlessly transfer equipment between new, rental and used fleets with all financial transactions.

As businesses evolve, the scope of the CFO’s role is expanding. With NAXT you can keep the pace and make your entire Financial Department more successful.

  • Finish periodic closing within days
  • Partially close periods by module or user group
  • Reduce aged work in progress and inventory carrying cost
  • Automatically import, register, and post vendor invoices
  • Automatically create equipment in rental fleets as fixed assets
  • Set rules and credit limits by department
  • View real-time, customizable reports for financial buckets of equipment transactions
  • View reports between three automatically exchanged currencies
  • Automatically track and post consumption based depreciation of rental equipment
  • Improve inventory accuracy and reduce operating expenses
  • Reduce operating expenses to improve cash conversion cycles
Our Customers say
“We want to grow and we want to enhance ourprocesses, and I believe NAXT is the most credible option for a CAT dealer to achieve this.”
Ramnarine Persad
CEO of Massy CAT
"We have now concluded week 8 of the project and with that, Accounts Receivable/Collections. I am confident that any one of us involved could complete any part of the process with our eyes closed. I believe this speaks to both the quality of people involved and the overall intuitiveness of the system. "
Gabe Forseberg
Finance and Operations Lead, NMC CAT
"We fully expect that Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Dealers and XAPT Corporation will help us to streamline our business processes, provide world-class support to our customers and effectively manage our growth for years to come."
Alison Fuller
Vice President of Finance and Accounting at Leavitt Machinery
By replacing aging software and hardware, CAT dealer Kelly Tractor Co. sought to use technology to realize its vision of a fast-growing and highly profitable business that provides outstanding value to its customers.

“Business management as a real-time activity has made us much more effective in directing the company. Any action we take is now based on current, reliable reporting through NAXT” – Nick Kelly, Dealer Principal and Owner
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