NAXT for CEOs and business owners

Ensure your equipment dealership’s future growth with NAXT

Better visibility, strategic decisions, higher revenue
Trends for CEO, Equipment Dealer
Adopt new trends and technologies easily
The rapidly changing environment requires rapid technology changes to keep up. Microsoft is investing millions of dollars every year into its cloud technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Choosing NAXT built on Microsoft technologies ensure that your dealership will be able to turn on the latest achievements easily and stay ahead of the curve for decades.
Ensure constant growth for CEO, Equipment Dealer
Ensure constant growth
A specialized industry ERP implementation is an investment in the future. Empower your workforce with a smarter, more powerful tool to boost productivity and create a better full-service customer experience. Increase the overall value of your dealership by reacting faster on new industry trends.
Industry Solution for CEO, Equipment Dealer
Use an industry proven solution
With over 30,000 users, 700+ preconfigured processes, and a deployment time as short as four months, NAXT is the full-service solution to unite all areas of your dealership on one platform to drive growth, cut costs, and create new opportunities for innovation.
Smarter decisions for CEO, Equipment Dealer
Make Smarter Decisions with Real Time Reporting
NAXT is a full-service ERP solution with integrated business intelligence that uses data from inventory, service, equipment, sales, and rental modules for unparalleled insight and organizational transparency. With NAXT, comprehensive data analysis and real-time reporting can increase revenue for each department with strategic, data-driven decision making.
Why do CEOs and business owners choose NAXT?
"Because NAXT is uniquely offering over 700 predefined equipment dealership-specific processes, and it was amazing to see how the system already seemed to fit our needs." - said Ramnarine Persad, CEO of Massy Machinery
Risk Management for CEO, Equipment Dealer

Assess and Manage Risk

With NAXT, CEOs can decide which departments and customers will maximize ROI and minimize risk.
700 process for CEO, Equipment Dealer

Use 700+ industry-specific processes from day 1

We don't start with the whiteboard and ask the customer to define their future processes. Instead, we present an industry practice.
Productivity for CEO, Equipment Dealer

Empower your staff

Improve employee performance, increase productivity and create a better full-service customer experience by connecting people with processes for transparent results.
Rental Future for CEO, Equipment Dealer

Rental is the future

The rental business is growing and transforming to provide more complex services. Equipment Dealers should be prepared for this change and NAXT can support this.
Fast ERP implementation for CEO, Equipment Dealer

Implement fast

Greater than 98% common code for all dealers to be up and running in a matter of months, not years. Dealers will quickly achieve success and benefit from industry's best practices.
Complexity for CEO, Equipment Dealer

Manage Corporate Complexity

Register financial transactions, manage parent and subsidiary relationships. Conduct business in multiple currencies and work internationally.

NAXT is a full-featured ERP solution designed for construction equipment dealers from the ground up.

  • One solid infrastructure provides top-down databases to eliminate the time and stress of reinventing reports.
  • Data protection with duplication and synchronization to prevent service disruptions and easily implement new features and updates without risk.
  • EDI integration minimizes time-consuming, error-prone manual processes for the transactions and reduces demands on IT architectures.
  • Powerful Business Intelligence (BI) functionality enables CIOs to make management with a cloud-based solution — with all the benefits of real-time reporting and up-to-the-minute statistics.
  • NAXT is operated under the user subscription license (SL) model that allows employees to access data and reports from virtually any location.
  • Rapid deployment reduces starting and training costs and makes implementation seamless and intuitive for dealerships of all sizes.
  • NAXT is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for seamless Office 365 integration with Outlook, Excel, and more!
Our customers say
"NAXT is uniquely offering over 700 predefined equipment dealership specific processes, and it was amazing to see how the system already seemed to fit our needs"
Ramnarine Persad
CEO of Massy Machinery
"Now, we can grow and accomplish more without adding resources. Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers far more for our technology spending than what we used to have. We moved from a dead - end street to a wide - open road where we can advance as rapidly as we wish"
Nick Kelly
Dealer Principal and Owner of Kelly Tractor Co.
"We believe this solution gives us an agile business system platform allowing us to better service our customers, improve efficiencies for our employees, and extend our competitive advantage in the markets in which we serve"
Richard Kolkman
VP of Strategic Planning & Enterprise Services for NMC
"We selected XAPT and their solution Microsoft Dynamics AX for Equipment Dealers to meet both current and future business requirements. We believe this solution gives us an agile business system platform allowing us to better service our customers, improve efficiencies for our employees, and extend our competitive advantage in the markets in which we serve."
Karl Smith
Chief Executive Officer of Gough Group
"Our vision in partnering with XAPT is to ensure Briggs has another 25 years of successful information system technology for our employees, customers and suppliers as we service our industrial and construction equipment markets"
Mike Winemiller
President, Briggs International
Equipment Dealers usually have to watch over thousands of machines including their own rental fleet and their customers’ equipment. These machines can cost up to millions of dollars and any unplanned downtime of equipment can incur serious costs for users or owners.

In this webinar we will show you how NAXT can help predict service issues before they happen. You can learn how Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite predicts breakdowns based on machine telemetry and maintenance history data stored in NAXT.

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